Streamlined Workflow

4 simple steps enabling Single-Day Adaptive Treatments


  • The noninvasive breast cup system, ad hoc immobilization and stereotactic localization system, is fitted to the patient.
  • The cup system is composed of a lightweight inner cup joined via a silicone flange to a rigid outer cup containing an embedded stereotactic fiducial wire.
  • Many cup sizes are available to better conform to the patient anatomy. Adhesive on the flange helps the device adhere to the patient.
  • Attached suction pump evacuates the air from between the cups creating a mild negative pressure, to move away the treatment area from the other tissues and minimize breast motion throughout imaging and treatment.



  • The breast cup system is locked to the imaging couch and the Imager Loader lifts and rotates from standing to prone position to quickly and comfortably set up patients on CT table.
  • To guarantee the absolute reproducibility of the setup the Imager Loader system exactly reflects the loading/unloading and the positioning of the patient in the treatment unit.
    The images are acquired and sent to the Treatment Planning System.



  • TPS uses the embedded fiducials in the outer breast cup to register the images in the stereotactic coordinate system.
  • Clinicians contour the PTV and critical structures and enter the prescription.
  • TPS optimizes the dynamic travel path of the treatment table for coverage with high conformity and normal tissue sparing.
  • Resulting plan is approved for delivery.


  • Breast cup locks to treatment couch while patient stands on Treatment Loader.
  • Treatment Loader lifts, rotates patient to prone position over the GammaPod.
  • GammaPod treatment delivery: the system combines a continuously rotating 25-source irradiation unit with 15 mm and 25 mm collimators and 3D dynamic treatment table motion to enable the dose-painting to the target just as the dose distribution has been planned.


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